Deep Energy Healings and Clearings

Release. Awaken. Align with your Soul's Truth. 

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The truth of your soul is wholeness, perfection, and Light.

Energy signatures accumulate that feel "out of resonance" when this truth is forgotten or becomes buried. This can occur through trauma or simply as a result of subconscious or unconscious conclusions about your experiences.  

When thoughts, beliefs, and patterns stagnate and build up that aren't in alignment with your soul's truth, this shows up as density, heaviness, and discomfort.

You can feel flawed, stuck, bogged down.

Or it can seem like you keep circling around and smacking up against the same brick wall.

My energy work is about aligning you with your inherent beauty, radiance, and wholeness. This alignment allows you to experience movement along your journey with more ease, joy, lightness, confidence, and peace.

In my sessions, I focus on clearing and releasing density, promoting healthy energetic flow, and aligning you with the deep knowing + embodiment of your Light.

I create movement with stuck emotions and in areas you feel blocked so you can move forward feeling clear, light, and empowered.

This means tangible shifts in how you experience your purpose, gifts + worth, creativity, intuition, relationships, abundance, health and so much more.

Depending on what is the best fit for your energy, alignment, and expansion healing sessions may include:

  • Chakra clearing and balancing  
  • Energy attunement and harmonization with your Higher Self 
  • Revelations of shadow (this is where your blocks live) and reflections of Light
  • Channeled messages from Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings 
  • Practical + grounded guidance and recommended exercises to root and integrate the energy work into your human experience

  During your session you are encouraged to choose 1 to 2 areas of focus. We'll connect on video chat. I'll do the energy work live and talk you through the process as I work. You just sit or lie back and relax. Then we'll have time at the end for more detailed discussion, questions, and recommendations going forward. **Your video chat link is sent right after booking. 

60 min sessions: $333

Each session always includes up to 2 weeks of email follow up and a mini clearing if needed to assist you in acclimating to fresh new energies (I've got you!).

Hi! I'm Rachel.

I'm an Energy Worker and Psychic Intuitive. I specialize in speaking the profound and often mysterious language of energy. Everything in our physical experience is a manifestation or perception of energy. Working with energy means working with the base of things, the very building blocks of physical reality. It's my joy to create and hold a safe space for you to experience deep shifts, growth, and alignment at this core level of your being. I am honored to work with you, your higher self, and your guides to clear the path to experiencing all your soul desires. You are magical, unique, and perfect, and you deserve to know and feel it.

Energy Healings (60 mins)

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"Rachel’s intuition was spot on as were the messages from my guides. I was blown away by her accuracy! She has wonderful, light energy and her energy work felt great. I immediately trusted her. I felt lighter and as if a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders. For me, it was exactly what I needed. As an energy worker myself, I am always working on others, and this session was a great reminder that I deserve to be taken care of too. Rachel is a truly a gifted healer, and everyone should have the pleasure of a session with her!"

~ Sherry Copeland

"My Energy Healing was transformational. I had some insights prior to working with Rachel that I was ruminating on, and in working with her I realized I had some blocks I still needed to uncover. She was able to shift them, and also to give me guidance on how to work with them and step more into my soul purpose. I love Rachel’s energy and immediately felt comfortable and trusting. I felt safe to move through the blocks and stories, and step into the illumination of my deeper truth. It was like talking with a long-time friend and a very wise sage all at the same time. Working with Rachel is amazing."

~ Tracy Calvert

“Rachel has a kind and calming presence, and she is very comfortable and fluent in her knowledge base. Most importantly I felt real results and outcomes from our session. I appreciated the flow, release and relief I experienced, Rachel’s intuitive insight, and the kind and gentle way she shared it. I also liked that she was able to provide suggestions for follow up practice. She included so much valuable instruction. Rachel did a beautiful job, and I love the work she does!”

~ Shawna Gray

“Rachel’s energy is so beautiful. I had never done an Energy Healing before and was hopeful but not convinced. But the light I experienced during my third eye and throat chakra work made me a believer. Rachel’s ability to see my guides and bring me their messages was so uncanny, nourishing, and beautiful all at the same time. I love that she knew me and my true self without me having to prove myself.

~ Carlene G.

“My session with Rachel was great – I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for Energy Healing. The session definitely helped me realize where I was stuck and what was wanting to shift. It was such a fun session – Rachel’s energy is light and fun to work with. I wanted to laugh half the time and smiled the rest. Since my session I have been more aware of my energy and able to shift it so the blocks I had are no longer a pattern I choose. It’s been very freeing.” 

~ Lacy Laubacher

“Rachel is a perfect blend of caring and capable, embodying both power and gentleness. After my session I felt like so much YUCK had been removed. The following days I was so much less reactive, and I felt lighter and more like myself. I also felt a pleasant buzzing for several hours after our session. Also, my digestive distress finally stopped! Rachel is fantastic at this. I would absolutely recommend her."

~ Janette Girod

“Rachel is very easy to connect with. I felt comfortable and able to relax into the session. She’s very intuitive and shares her insights in a clear and thoughtful way. My session with Rachel felt more tangible and actionable than many healing sessions I have had in the past. It felt more grounded and real. Her intuitive insights felt resonant and true in my body."

~ Lauren Dobey

“Rachel is extremely friendly, intuitive, and highly welcoming. I felt incredibly comfortable the entire time. Even though she had never met me and we had never spoken before, it's as if she knew me and knew what I needed to hear. Emotions bubbled up for me and a healing process actually began. I’m feeling more empowered and am truly thankful for the gift of healing. I would absolutely recommend an Energy Healing with Rachel."

~ Amada Anderson

Release. Awaken. Align.